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Welcome to ClubSite.US. The best free club, group and family web site. Share photos, videos & news. Schedule events. Have discussions. Share ideas!


This site is in full production with hundreds of active sites. Please see the "Site" link at the top of each page for updates, after you Login or Create a Site.
Please take a look at which is a site for all pilots with seaplanes.

My name is Don White and I started this web site to allow all groups and families to have a free web site to share ideas, stories, photos, etc and do it at no charge to anybody. I hope you enjoy this web site and please email me with any of your ideas.

How to start your own free club website now video.

  Stay Connected
The whole family or group can stay connected online by sharing photos, videos and stories in one place.
Share Privately
A social website that puts families/groups and privacy first. You decide who can join and participate in your group.
Totally FREE!!! (ads too)
This web site is totally free from costs and ads. We may ask for a donation at certain times of the year for hosting costs.
Social Integration
Share yours photos, videos and more with Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram and other services.

Blog / Forums!
Start a blog or forum that the whole family or club can follow. Post photos, videos and much more.
Events & Calendaring
Keep an online group or family calendar to remember and plan reunions, meeting, birthdays and other events.
A great archive
This web site is backed up nightly to keep all of your family memories safe and secure.
Your own club/group URL
You will get your own club/group URL so you can share with your friends. You can choose to have it either public or private.

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